Sunday, 25 November 2007


- To halt the biodiversity loss caused by the introduction of Invasive Alien Species.
- To foment and develop actions and initiatives for the improvement of the knowledge and conservation of the biodiversity, and particularly all of those dealing with Invasive Alien Species and their impact on the environment, economy and public health.
- To ensure the ecologically sustainable and equitable use of natural resources.
- To foment equal opportunities in the scientific field.
- To encourage the collaboration among scientists whose field of research cover Invasive Alien Species.

The GEIB is specialized in:
- Biological invasions (surveys, management plans, etc.).
- Design of management strategies for Invasive Alien Species.
- Design of prevention plans for new introductions.
- Risks Analysis for species introduction.
- Legal aspects concerning Invasive Alien Species.
- Design of public awareness campaigns on the problem of biological invasions.

Participates in the production of strategies dealing with Invasive Alien Species.
Develops management strategies.
Edits official reports and technical documents.
Collaborates technically in the peer review of projects.
Provides technical assistance for national and international meetings and working groups.
Organises and plans conferences, talks, workshops and seminars.
Gives specialised courses on biological invasions.
Designs and edits specialised bibliography.

Being conscious of the global essence of the problem and that invasive alien species are unaware of political boundaries, the GEIB follows the development of international and national guidelines on invasive alien species very closely contributing to the debate for its drawing up and implementation.

The work of the GEIB is based on solid scientific criteria, working close to institutions, entities and sectors affected by Invasive Alien Species. The work of the GEIB is in keeping with the GISP (Global Invasive Species Programme) and the ISSG (Invasive Species Specialist Group) of the IUCN (World Conservation Union).

Our initiative has been awarded with:
- Joven y Brillante J&B 99 Award for Ecology
- Ones Mediterrània 2000 Award
- Ford Motor Company Award - Environmental Category 2001-2002
- Ford Motor Company National Award - 2001-2002